[ISN] Exclusive: France’s Snecma targeted by hackers – researcher

http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/02/18/us-hacking-snecma-idUSBREA1H1Z320140218 By JIM FINKLE Reuters Feb 18, 2014 French aerospace engine maker Snecma, a unit of Safran, was attacked by hackers who exploited a vulnerability in Microsoft Corp’s Internet Explorer, according to a computer security researcher. It was not clear how successful the hackers had been in their efforts to breach Snecma’s network, according to the researcher, who has studied malicious software and infrastructure used by the hackers. A spokeswoman for Snecma’s parent, Safran, said she had no immediate comment. The researcher said the malicious software used by the hackers contained code that identified Internet domain names belonging to Snecma. The researcher declined to be identified by name as he was not authorized to publicly discuss the matter. […]