[ISN] DHS Hires Booz to Finish Cyberattack Drill Job

http://www.nextgov.com/cybersecurity/cybersecurity-report/2014/02/dhs-hires-booz-finish-cyberattack-drill-job/78833/ By Aliya Sternstein Nextgov.com February 13, 2014 The Homeland Security Department has decided to extend a contract for help on a biennial cyberattack drill with Booz Allen Hamilton. The roughly $400,000 follow-on runs from Feb. 6 through April 6, according to a Jan. 13 justification for not letting other firms bid on the upcoming work. Booz won a five-year $15 million contract for the project in 2009. Booz was unable to get the job done on time due to hiccups in the federal billing cycle, DHS said.. “The delays can be entirely attributed to government action, including the government shutdown,” DHS officials said in the justification, which was signed Jan. 13. Homeland Security offices “would like to complete planned deliverables that have projected schedule delays through no fault of the contractor.” […]