[ISN] Israeli start-up claims it may be able to stop all viruses

http://www.timesofisrael.com/hack-this-start-up-claims-it-can-stop-all-viruses-permanently/ By David Shamah The Times of Israel February 6, 2014 An Israeli start-up claims it may be able to put an end to the viruses, malware, and trojan horses that cost the world economy hundreds of billions of dollars a year. Not only does Cyactive say it can stop viruses that are already “in the wild,” currently causing damage, but according to CEO & Co-Founder, Liran Tancman, it can beat them most of them even before they are invented. The secret? Viruses are overwhelmingly evolutionary, not revolutionary. “Much of the code found in even major attacks is reused over and over again in new attacks,” Tancman said. “There has actually never been a virus that did not draw substantially on malware that was already in existence.” Especially today, when hacking has become such a lucrative worldwide business, hackers need to produce. They don’t have time to reinvent the wheel; nor do they have to as things stand, said Tancman. “The problem is that cyber-security is reactive, not proactive. A company will spend hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to secure themselves against a major malware variant, fighting off a specific attack.” But getting around those defenses is easy for a hacker. “All they have to do is insert some changes in their malware code, and they are in the clear. For $150, a cybercriminal can hire a hacker to do $25 million of damage, and then do it again a few months later, making very minor changes to their malware code.” Tancman, a former head of Cyber-strategy in an elite IDF intelligence unit with a decade of experience in Israel’s intelligence corps, has been thinking about this phenomenon for a long time