[ISN] 75 Percent of Pentagon Contractors Adjusted Security After Snowden Leaks

http://www.nextgov.com/cybersecurity/2014/02/75-percent-pentagon-contractors-adjusted-security-after-snowden-leaks/78302/ By Aliya Sternstein Nextgov.com February 5, 2014 Leaks of national secrets by former federal contractor Edward Snowden drove 75 percent of U.S. defense company executives to adjust information security procedures, mostly by increasing employee training and going on high alert for deviant behavior, according to a new study. The poll of information technology managers was conducted last month by market research firm Opinion Matters on behalf of consultancy ThreatTrack. Most of the 100 contractors surveyed are taking a manual approach to the crackdown on data seepage, rather than using automated mechanisms to block personnel from disclosing information, according to the study’s data points. Among businesses with an IT budget of more than $10 million, 44 percent are restricting user access. Of the firms storing or accessing confidential information for the government, 34 percent have scaled back system administrator privileges. Sixty percent of the companies in those same two categories are subjecting employees to more cyber awareness education. […]