[ISN] Investigation into data security breach at Ministry for Foreign Affairs progresses

http://www.helsinkitimes.fi/finland/finland-news/domestic/9193-investigation-into-data-security-breach-at-ministry-for-foreign-affairs-progresses.html Helsinki Times 01 Feb 2014 While investigating the cyber-espionage attack against it, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs has determined, for example, the methods used to infiltrate its data network. The ministry’s information and documentation division is currently finalising a report on the security breach and is to present it to policy-makers and government officials in March. “The investigation has progressed. We know the channel but don’t know the party behind it. We therefore know where the infection came from and what opened the hole in our data network,” says Ari Uusikartano, the director general of the division. “We are beginning to have quite a lot of information on how the attack has taken place and what methods were used,” he adds. Users of the network, Uusikartano reveals, were not prompted to disclose information to aid the infiltrator, a method used commonly in similar attacks. “In this case, the attack came through the web.” […]