[ISN] New questions about patient privacy at North Country Hospital

http://www.wcax.com/story/24582782/new-questions-about-patient-privacy-at-north-country-hospital By Melissa Howell WCAX.com Jan 29, 2014 NEWPORT, Vt. – North Country Hospital in Newport received a regulatory citation from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid after two unauthorized employees viewed confidential medical records. It was discovered last fall that the hospital was not conducting proper surveillance when CMS made an unannounced visit. “Medical information from two patients’ records was accessed by two people without, who did have the need to know, they were not involved in the individual’s direct care,” said Fran Keeler of the Vt. Division of Licensing and Protection. Newport residents say this breach raises concerns about patient privacy. “You have to know your records are safe. People shouldn’t be looking at records that they’re not entitled to look at,” said Brandie Barton of Newport. […]