[ISN] Indian hackers deface Pakistani sites in response to cyberattacks

http://www.zdnet.com/in/indian-hackers-deface-pakistani-sites-in-response-to-cyberattacks-7000025773/ By Ryan Huang ZDNet News January 30, 2014 Over 2,000 websites from India and Pakistan have been defaced so far in the past two days, as hackers from both countries duke it out in cyberspace. More than 100 Pakistani websites were defaced on Wednesday, apparently in retaliation for the defacement of more than 2,000 Indian websites by Pakistani hackers on Republic Day, according to The Hindu. The defaced websites carried the message “Hacked by Indian Cyber Rakshak”, and the attacks are expected to continue, cybersecurity experts told the news agency. The retaliatory defacement of Pakistani websites began on Tuesday night and continued through Wednesday, according to the Global Cyber Security Response Team (GCSRT). […]