[ISN] Elusive hacker Guccifer arrested in Romania – report

http://rt.com/news/hacker-guccifer-romania-email-052/ RT.com January 23, 2014 Romanian authorities arrested on Wednesday a man they suspect is hacker Guccifer, known for infiltrating the email accounts of many international political and public figures, including former US President George W. Bush. Marcel Lazar Lehel, 40, was arrested and his home in Arad County was searched, according to Romania’s Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT). Lehel had already been sentenced to three years of supervised release in February 2012 for similar hacks. Romanian authorities allege that a man they refer to only as LML “accessed, repeatedly and without authorization, by bypassing security measures, email accounts belonging to public figures from Romania, with the purpose of gaining possession of confidential information found in their electronic mailboxes.” Radio Romania first identified the suspect as Lehel. A Romanian prosecutor told Reuters that the suspect is believed to be hacker Guccifer. […]