NBCNews Politics Website Sporting Doubleclick Malware

UPDATE 01-17-2014: Palo Alto Networks Addresses Malware URL and re-categorizes doubleclick to “Web Advertisements”. 

Today, I was going to check out the news and noticed that my security equipment is detecting malware being delivered by doubleclick advertising network through the NBCNEWS Website.


Below are details of the website url log record I have from doubleclick being detected as malware. It is unknown which malware is being seen on the website or if this is a false positive at this time. I will investigate further, for the time being see the following log entry from a Palo Alto networks firewall.


A lookup of the host “pubads.g.doubleclick.net” using Virus Total does not indicate malware, however it appears that the URL is being categorized as malware by Palo Alto Networks (see below) at the current time. Unknown as to why.