[ISN] Target hackers have more data than they can sell

http://news.techworld.com/security/3496940/target-hackers-have-more-data-than-they-can-sell/ By Jeremy Kirk Techworld 14 January 2014 What’s the downside to successfully stealing 40 million credit card numbers from Target? Trying to sell the data. There’s a thriving economy among cybercriminals, some of whom specialize in stealing credit card numbers to others who figure out a way to profit. But it’s also constrained by supply and demand. Too many card numbers on the market inevitably drives the price of a set of details down. Card information, referred to in underground forums as “dumps,” are often priced according to how recently the details were stolen, its likely spending limit and whether the hackers have captured a PIN for the card. Prices can range from a few dollars up to US$100. Cybercriminals often advertise the kind of data they’ve captured from the card’s magnetic stripe, which has three so-called “tracks,” each containing data. […]