[ISN] Hacking group’s threat to Winter Olympics in Russia highlights risk of cyber-attacks on sponsor

http://www.janes.com/article/32169/hacking-group-s-threat-to-winter-olympics-in-russia-highlights-risk-of-cyber-attacks-on-sponsor IHS Jane’s Intelligence Weekly 08 January 2014 Key Points * A group calling itself the Caucasus Anonymous issued a threat on 30 December to undertake a “cyber war” against the Winter Olympics. * The group is unlikely to be able to threaten actual Games operations because of the high levels of electronic security in place and the likely lack of manpower that the Caucasus Anonymous can call upon. * Sponsors of the Games are at a heightened risk of cyber attack as part of the campaign, with the threat posed by the group likely to increase if it is able to garner greater international support, particularly if it is able to exploit perceptions of the Russian government cracking down on democratic freedoms. EVENT A hacking group calling itself the Caucasus Anonymous has threatened to conduct “cyber war” against the Sochi Winter Olympics, according to a 30 December message on a website frequently used by Islamist militants from Russia’s North Caucasus to issue claims for attacks. The two suicide bombs that struck the Russian city of Volgograd on 29 and 30 December 2013 have starkly focused the world’s attention on the security threats to the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, which begin on 7 February. Among the challenges facing the organisers (although certainly a less significant issue than the direct threat of terrorist attacks) is assessing and preparing for the likely cyber threats. […]