[ISN] Despite claims, Iranians didn’t hack Israeli aviation system

http://www.timesofisrael.com/despite-claims-iranians-didnt-hack-israeli-aviation-system/ BY DAVID SHAMAH Times of Israel January 9, 2014 Iranian hackers did not compromise the Israel Airports Authority, despite claims by the Islamic Cyber Resistance Group that it was able to hack into databases controlling air routes for Israeli and foreign airlines, said Israeli Internet expert Tal Pavel. “It’s just another example of Iranian psychological warfare by the Iranians,” he told The Times of Israel. “There is nothing for anyone to worry about from these people.” On Thursday, ICRG released a statement on the Iranian Wikileaks site that was picked up Iran’s state-controlled Fars News Agency claiming the hack. Along with documents and maps, Fars published a quote by the hacker group that said it was “proud to add another one to its line of success and announces access to the LAN of Israeli aviation organization, in a move to render the fake legend of Israel’s security and invincibility obsolete.” With the help of the OpIsrael hacker group