[ISN] How to be notified that your password has been stolen

http://www.zdnet.com/how-to-be-notified-that-your-password-has-been-stolen-7000024674/ By Larry Seltzer Zero Day ZDNet News January 2, 2014 About a month ago I told you about have i been pwned?, a new site at which you could learn if your email address was included in one of several large data breaches. The main improvement that needed to be added to the site, as its creator Troy Hunt himself acknowledged, was a notification service to allow users to enter an email address and be notified in the future if their address appeared in any databases added to the service. Troy has now added the notification service. haveibeenpwned.com allows you to check whether an email address is in one of several publicly-released databases of breached email addresses, with a total of 154 million email addresses. Troy says the site has been wildly popular and that, by far, the number one request for a notification service. When you click “Notify me if my address gets pwned in the future” you are presented with the screen below. If you have searched on an email address already, it is pre-populated in the field. You must then fill a CAPTCHA (this is unfortunately necessary for several reasons) and click “notify me of pwnage”. […]