A New Year’s resolution for North Korea

I read a report the other day that indicated that North Korea wanted to enhance its cooperation and create enhanced peace with South Korea. I am very encouraged by this possibility and the possibility that North Korea can become more open and moderate in its approach to dealing with other neighbors as well as the international community. I encourage Kim Jong-un  to continue on this path as it could transform North Korea in a very positive way and open the country to prosperity that many other countries of the world currently hold. I hope that North Korea will create a resolution to open its borders and relax its stringent laws in order to create a more peaceful Southeast Asia and enhance relationships globally. It appears that the country has focused on creating an environment that could be very conducive to making North Korea a destination for vacationers and significantly benefit both its people and leadership. I encourage the United States politicians to seek out North Korean talks in order to potentially guide the country towards this openness and stop the rhetoric that is being used between the two countries that has been occurring regularly during the last two years. I realize there are many challenges that North Korea must go through for example respecting human rights and transforming the government and the belief systems there have been perpetuated throughout the country in order to control the population. We owe it to ourselves and to the Korean people to at least try to attain these goals. North Korea must be encouraged about the possibility of future cooperation if it enters the six party talks and establishes a long-lasting peace with the rest of the world as well as the United States.