[ISN] Iran-linked hackers claim to have infiltrated IDF, Saudi databases

http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/.premium-1.564492 By Aliyana Traison Haareetz.com Dec. 19, 2013 An Iran-linked hacker group calling itself the Islamic Cyber Resistance claims it infiltrated the servers of the Israel Defense Forces earlier this week and extracted the personal details of top army officers. The group posted the information, which it says includes job titles, passwords, postal and email addresses, phone numbers and military codes of more than 2,000 Israeli officers onto its website. The list also included around 200 names and public and home phone numbers of senior Defense Ministry officials, as well as of employees of defense contractors and industries, yet some of the numbers were outdated. It said that it carried out the cyber attack to avenge the December 4 assassination of a Hezbollah leader, Hassan Laqiss, an operation that the Lebanon-based militant group blamed on Israel. […]