[ISN] Shutting The Door On Shodan

http://www.manufacturing.net/articles/2013/12/shutting-the-door-on-shodan By Alan Grau Icon Labs 12/16/2013 Shodan, “the scariest search engine on the Internet” according to CNN Money, is a search engine scouring the Internet looking for servers, webcams, printers, routers and all the other devices that are connected to, and make up, the Internet of Things. Searches on Shodan can find a stunning amount of information. Would-be hackers find critical systems to attack, search by city or GPS coordinates, and find detailed information on devices and their vulnerabilities. Searches on Shodan have turned up countless web cameras, traffic lights and home automation devices, many with little or no security. Searches also exposed SCADA systems, gas station controls, and even command and control systems for a nuclear power plant. Shodan even allows searches for discovered exploits and vulnerabilities. Shodan provides hackers a simple, easy-to-use launching pad for attacks. It is easy to look at Shodan as the problem