[ISN] Attackers use ColdFusion flaw to install Microsoft IIS malware

http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9244828/Attackers_use_ColdFusion_flaw_to_install_Microsoft_IIS_malware By Lucian Constantin IDG News Service December 16, 2013 Attackers exploited a vulnerability in Adobe ColdFusion to install data-stealing malware that works as a module for Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS) Web server software. Researchers from security firm Trustwave recently reported they’ve identified IIS (Internet Information Server) Web servers infected with malicious IIS modules designed to steal information submitted by users on websites hosted on those servers. The modules are rogue DLL (dynamic link library) files and were installed by a malware program the Trustwave researchers dubbed ISN that infects both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of IIS6 and IIS7+. ISN detects the IIS version and installs the corresponding DLL module, which then monitors POST requests


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