[ISN] Moderators Note for December 2013 – New mailing list II

On Monday I sent out a query about a paid version of InfoSec News, as companion to the free list, complete news articles with no advertising signature at the bottom, or moderators notes, unless there would be a brief service interruption. Archived only for subscribers of the paid service. (I should add I am working to get the complete past archive of InfoSec News back online, I’ve been having some issues with the developer. ) A number of you are interested in this new list, but paying $50 or $100 a year was a little too rich, so I’m curious how many of you would be interested in a $35 yearly subscription to receive five to seven messages a day, five to seven times a week. A few other options available to readers of InfoSec News, InfoSec News on Twitter https://twitter.com/infosecnews_ Shop InfoSec News – Best Selling Security Books & More! http://www.shopinfosecnews.org/ Looking for a new security opportunity or trying to find a new security rockstar for your company? Visit Hot InfoSec Jobs – http://www.hotinfosecjobs.com/ The proceeds from viewing jobs, posting jobs and buying books help keep the lights on InfoSec News, and there’s a Paypal button on the main page as donations are always welcome! Thank you for your time! Sincerely, William Knowles @ InfoSec News www.infosecnews.org