[ISN] Logins stolen from Facebook, Google, ADP payroll processor

http://news.techworld.com/security/3492120/logins-stolen-from-facebook-google-adp-payroll-processor/ By Jeremy Kirk TechWorld.com 04 December 2013 Two million logins and passwords from services such as Facebook, Google and Twitter have been found on a Netherlands-based server, part of a large botnet using controller software nicknamed “Pony.” Another company whose users’ login credentials showed up on the server was ADP, which specializes in payroll and human resources software, wrote Daniel Chechik, a security researcher with Trustwave’s SpiderLabs. It’s expected that cybercriminals will go after main online services, but “payroll services accounts could actually have direct financial repercussions,” he wrote. ADP moved US$1.4 trillion in fiscal 2013 within the U.S., paying one in six workers in the country, according to its website. […]