[ISN] India not equipped to tackle cyber attacks: Experts

http://www.deccanchronicle.com/131130/news-current-affairs/article/india-not-equipped-tackle-cyber-attacks-experts By Prashanth Vijayakumar Deccan Chronicle 30th Nov 2013 Chennai: Cyber security experts who convened in the city on Fr­iday to observe the World Security Day conference said India is highly vulnerable to cyber threats, as the country is not fully equ­ipped to tackle sophisticated attacks. With cyber warfare bec­oming increasingly sophisticated, cyber security exp­erts stressed the need for gre­ater financial investme­nts in research and development. Addressing the gathering, Reserve Bank chief general ma­nager V. Vasa­nthan ur­ged bankers not to download any free anti-virus software as it leaves systems vulnerable. “In the name of free software, several hackers are circulating the torjan virus which is capable of stealing potential personal data of customers,” he said. Cyber security expert Pra­sanna explained that individual laptops and personalised gadgets were susceptible to advanced persistent threats (ATPs) under which the cyber attack is mainly focused on personalised gadgets further targeting data centres. Many corporates have their classified data in their laptops, tho­ugh ATP hackers steal the classified data and sell it to their rival organisations, he said. Israel, a world leader in the field of cyber security, has started to tap on the cyber security commerce. “Israel earns revenue up to 1.5 billion US dollar in 2012, the biggest purchasers being US companies. India is yet to tap this ma­rket,” said Menahem Ka­nafi, Co­nsul Gen­eral of Israel. […]