[ISN] IG finds holes in DHS’s cybersecurity

http://www.politico.com/story/2013/12/inspector-general-department-homeland-security-cybersecurity-100554.html By TONY ROMM Politico.com 12/3/13 The Department of Homeland Security is leading the charge to bolster the country’s porous digital defenses, but it’s also struggled this year to safeguard its own systems against hackers and spies, according to its top watchdog. A report Monday from the DHS inspector general reiterated that the agency for months failed to patch its systems regularly against known cybersecurity threats or scan its networks consistently, in real time, to keep out digital malefactors. Some at DHS even had been using an old, soon-to-be unsupported version of Microsoft Windows, according to the IG, whose conclusions are drawn from earlier studies issued throughout 2013. DHS also lagged in developing a more secure system to ensure the right employees are accessing the right data, the watchdog found. The IG’s report card isn’t all bad for DHS, which did receive a few high marks. The agency, for its part, told the IG it has remedied some of the worst mistakes, with an eye on additional fixes next year. A spokesman said DHS “continues to improve and strengthen our capabilities to address” cyber risks. […]