[ISN] China Coal Bank website hacked

http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/829072.shtml By Chen Yang Global Times 2013-12-2 The website of the new China Coal Bank has been hacked by Japanese financial companies and their Chinese partners, JinBen Investment Group Co, one of the founders of the bank, claimed in a statement on Sunday. Meitanbank.com has been hacked since Friday, with the hacker leaving a number of messages, including, “the China Coal Bank has offended many people.” Another message claimed that JinBen “colluded with financial institutions to drive up share prices in the coal and nonferrous metal sector in the mainland stock market on Friday, leading to losses of several hundred million yuan for our financial groups.” “We’ve found that our website has been attacked by a large number of IP addresses based in Japan,” Wang Wen­yuan, a Guangzhou-based spokesman for JinBen, told the Global Times on Sunday. The firm also said two of its staff members were attacked by strangers on Thursday, and wiretaps have been found in the company’s office. Wang said the company will not call in the police, but will take action on its own, without offering further details. In the statement, the company said it might take advice from hacker group Honker Union of China. […]