[ISN] Moderators Note for December 2013 – New mailing list

Over the last few months I have been fielding questions from subscribers wondering if there is any way to get complete news articles, akin to how InfoSec News was run in the past. The reason the list only forwards four paragraphs of a story was because of Righthaven’s [1] business model and the fear of getting sued by copyright holders. Under the advice of legal counsel, we went with this format. [1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Righthaven So I am researching a paid version of InfoSec News, as companion to the free list, complete news articles with no advertising signature at the bottom, or moderators notes, unless there would be a brief service interruption. Archived only for subscribers of the paid service. If you’re interested in this new list, please reply if you, or your organization would be interested in this service, if paying $50 or $100 a year (or more) to receive five to seven messages a day, five to seven times a week would be a good value to you. A few other options available to readers of InfoSec News, InfoSec News on Twitter https://twitter.com/infosecnews_ Shop InfoSec News – Best Selling Security Books & More! http://www.shopinfosecnews.org/ Looking for a new security opportunity or trying to find a new security rockstar for your company? Visit Hot InfoSec Jobs – http://www.hotinfosecjobs.com/ The proceeds from viewing jobs, posting jobs or buying books help keep the lights on InfoSec News, and donations are always welcome! Thank you for your time! Sincerely, William Knowles @ InfoSec News www.infosecnews.org