[ISN] Management is one of biggest roadblocks to IT security, Ponemon study says

http://www.itbusiness.ca/news/management-is-one-of-biggest-roadblocks-to-it-security-study-says/44905 By Candice So itbusiness.ca November 20th, 2013 There can be a whole slate of reasons why a small business doesn’t invest more in IT security: lack of people, money, time, etc. But here’s what may also be holding small businesses back – their managers. One of the top challenges in ramping up security is getting management on board, according to a new survey from security solutions provider Sophos Ltd. and the Ponemon Institute, which studies privacy, data protection, and information security policy. In a poll of 2,000 employees working to secure the IT systems of their SMBs, a solid 58 per cent said they feel their managers just don’t see cyber attacks as a real risk. To follow up on that, 44 per cent said they feel having a strong security posture just isn’t up there on their list of priorities. Another 42 per cent answered by saying their budget isn’t enough to support a full security posture, while 33 per cent said their organizations lack in-house expertise. More striking still, about 32 per cent of respondents said their CIO is responsible for making the final call on IT security priorities – but another 31 per cent said no one at their organization has that role. […]