[ISN] Hackers could control Brisbane traffic controls: Report

http://www.zdnet.com/au/hackers-could-control-brisbane-traffic-controls-report-7000023405/ By Michael Lee ZDNet News November 20, 2013 Brisbane’s traffic management systems have been found vulnerable to attack under an audit conducted by the Queensland Audit Office (QAO). Over a three week period, QAO performed penetration tests (PDF) of the systems used to manage traffic infrastructure in Brisbane and found that it was able to successfully compromise some components of the system and ultimately gain unauthorised access. “The traffic management systems for the Brisbane metropolitan area were not secure. If the systems were specifically targeted, hackers could access the system and potentially cause traffic congestion, public inconvenience and affect emergency response times,” the report read. In addition to breaching parts of the IT systems for traffic management, QAO was also able to breach physical security measures. […]