[ISN] India to prepare army of reverse engineers to counter cyber attacks

http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/India-to-prepare-army-of-reverse-engineers-to-counter-cyber-attacks/articleshow/24828465.cms By Manash Pratim Gohain The Times of India Oct 28, 2013 NEW DELHI: National Security Database, an initiative of Information Sharing and Analysis Center ( ISAC) in association with Ground Zero Summit 2013 on Monday organized a seminar on Reverse Engineering in New Delhi. The seminar was organized to identify and create the need for the most credible and valuable information security professionals in India, especially in reverse engineering, to protect the National Critical Infrastructure and economy of the country. The seminar deliberated the growing need of reverse engineers in the country to counter cyber attacks and piracy. As the $100 billion information technology industry seeks to chart a new course by fostering software product companies, reverse engineering to become a promising field for jobs in the IT and software development sector. According to NSD, there are less than 5,000 reverse engineering experts currently in India. NSD in collaboration with various Academic Institutions across India aims to increase the number of reverse engineering professionals in the country to 1 lakh by 2015, through training and awareness. National Security Database has joined hands with Ground Zero Summit (G0S) 2013 and is promoting Asia’s largest Information Security Summit (G0S) scheduled to take place from 7-10 November, 2013. Speaking at the seminar Rajshekar Murthy, director, NSD, said: “Hacking has become a growing threat to Indian IT industry. Some recent data theft cases by hackers has made India’s $100 billion IT industry a primary target. The acute shortage of reverse engineering professionals will further hit the IT industry and the economic loss will grow exponentially due to piracy and insecure coding.” […]