[ISN] Cyber security expert suspects inside job

http://www.indianexpress.com/news/cyber-security-expert-suspects-inside-job/1186908/ Express News Service Oct 25 2013 A cyber security expert representing the victim of a Rs16.7-lakh fraud believes the transaction could be the work of an insider. He also claimed the fraudsters may have used a masking process on their Internet Protocol(IP) address to make it appear that the transaction was conducted from Nigeria and the UK. In May, Rs 16.7 lakh was allegedly siphoned off from the bank account of a Juhu-based businessman in six real-time transactions. A probe revealed that the fraudsters hacked into the Know Your Customer (KYC) data of the bank and replaced the complainant’s cellphone number so that he wouldn’t receive alerts about the transactions. A complaint was lodged with Juhu police on May 7 by Ashish Goradia, 32, owner of Raatronics, a firm that makes computer resistors. He has held an account at a nationalised bank in Juhu for the past four years. Goradia’s complaint was lodged with state IT Department Secretary Rajesh Aggarwal, who is also the adjudicating officer. “In around two months, the complainant will be notified when the trial is to begin,” said Aggarwal. He approached Prashant Mali, a lawyer who specialises in cyber crime cases. “KYC details cannot have been accessed by someone outside. It appears to be the handiwork of an insider,” Mali said. […]