[ISN] Maritime cyber attacks will get more sophisticated

http://www.tandlnews.com.au/2013/10/22/article/maritime-cyber-attacks-will-get-more-sophisticated/ By Charles Pauka tandlnews.com.au October 22, 2013 Cyber attacks on container ships and port infrastructure will get more sophisticated as time goes on and companies should be doing more to protect their supply chain security. Maritime and IT security companies have raised their concerns after hackers attacked the container terminal software in Antwerp in an effort to pinpoint the location of containers concealing smuggled drugs so they could deliver them to bogus drivers. Nick Davis, CEO of maritime security company GoAGT (Gulf of Aden Group Transits), said: “Supply chain security in the future will be critical, especially in the USA and mainland Europe. The sheer number of mega ships that can carry 14,000+ TEU presents the biggest security challenge for any port authority and customs network.” He added: “The moving parts of the supply chain coupled with just-in-time delivery, mean security is a necessary evil and one that is hugely misunderstood. Fusing data and, more importantly, sharing that data with agencies that can stem illegal contraband, drugs, weapons and the like, is a distant goal far from being achieved.” […]