[ISN] Convicted hackers could help fight cyber crime in the UK

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/internet-security/10395348/Convicted-hackers-could-help-fight-cyber-crime-in-the-UK.html By Miranda Prynne News Reporter telegraph.co.uk 21 Oct 2013 Convicted computer hackers could be recruited to help fight cyber crime in the UK, Philip Hammond has claimed. The Defence Secretary said he would consider allowing former criminals to join the new Joint Cyber Reserve Unit, saying every case would be “looked at on its merits”. Speaking on Newsnight, he said: “The conviction would be examined in terms of how long ago it was, how serious it was, what sort of sentence had followed. So I can’t rule it out.” He added: “What we’re trying to do is recruit the brightest and best.” Mr Hammond was supporting comments by the head of the new defence force, Lt Col Michael White, who claimed he would recruit offenders a long as they passed the security vetting. […]