[ISN] Terrorism ranks above flooding in city’s emergency planning

http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/news/terrorism-ranks-above-flooding-in-city-s-emergency-planning-1.1931746 By Julia Chapman CBC News Oct 11, 2013 Terrorism ranks higher than flooding, major fires and tornadoes as an emergency risk the city is planning for. Flooding from major storms has cost Hamilton taxpayers and homeowners millions in the past decade and has forced the city’s emergency plan to be enacted twice. The city has never had a terrorist attack. But the city’s ranking of top 10 emergencies it plans for isn’t just a judgment call: The city’s emergency management office uses an actual mathematical equation to rate the risks to the city and its population. That equation: Risk = (Probability + frequency) X (sum of consequences) Those consequences include fatality, injuries, critical infrastructure damage, property damage, environmental impact and social and economic impact. […]