[ISN] Hackers planted remote devices to smuggle drugs through Antwerp port, Europol reveals

http://news.techworld.com/security/3474018/hackers-planted-remote-devices-smuggle-drugs-through-antwerp-port-europol-reveals/ By John E Dunn Techworld 16 October 2013 Drug smugglers planted an extraordinary array of ingeniously-disguised remote access devices as part of a major hacking attack on the Belgian port of Antwerp’s logistics systems, Europol has revealed. Announced by police in May this year, it is only now that the remarkable scale of the attacks and their unusual methods – which bear an uncanny resemblance to the recent KVM attacks on UK banks – are becoming clear. In an interview with the BBC, a Europol official put on display the devices used to give criminals remote access to the port’s systems and the precious ID codes that allowed containers to be collected by authorised firms. These included miniature PCs hidden inside electrical power strips, external hard drives, as well as keyloggers disguised as USB keyboard port converters. Although some of this equipment was designed simply to steal login credentials, the hackers appear to have used wireless cards to study and possibly control the logistics systems in real time. […]