[ISN] Now the Chinese Are Hacking Us Through Our Limos

http://killerapps.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2013/10/11/always_watching_how_chinese_hackers_combine_old_and_new_espionage_tactics By John Reed Foreign Policy October 14, 2013 Kevin Mandia, CEO of the cybersecurity company Mandiant, takes a lot of limo rides. Normally, his limo company emails him PDF copies of his invoices after every trip. Recently, though, something changed. “I’ve been receiving PDF invoices not from them, but from an [advanced hacking] group back in China; that’s awesome,” said Mandia in D.C. recently. He only caught the attack when the hackers sent receipts on days when he hadn’t used the car service. “I forwarded them to our security service, and they said, ‘Yup, that’s got a [malicious] payload.'” Emailing a malicious file from a fake or hijacked email account belonging to the acquaintance of a hacker’s target is a famous cyber-espionage tactic called spearphishing. Hackers often search Google or social media to find the names of their target’s friends and co-workers. They then create a fake email address in the name of a friend or coworker and fire off carefully written emails containing malware to their target. […]