[ISN] Monendra Sahu, Raipur’s ethical hacker in Google’s ‘security hall of fame’

http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/tech/internet/monendra-sahu-raipurs-ethical-hacker-in-googles-security-hall-of-fame/articleshow/24115217.cms By Smita Mainkar TNN 14 Oct, 2013 RAIPUR: He hacked some of the most secured internet networks existing on world wide web and got rewarded by his targets. Monendra Sahu, a young mining engineer from National Institute of Technology (NIT-Raipur) has the distinction of hacking websites of Microsoft, Google, Nokia, Blackberry, Yahoo and many others and is now listed in the ” Security Hall of Fame”. Under the on-going Bug-bounty programme being run by various social networking sites, search engines and other websites, hackers are encouraged to look for security vulnerability of their websites. Ethical hackers such as Sahu are rewarded by enlisting them in the hall of fame. Google in its current quarter list has ranked this Raipurian on the 11th spot in world. Sahu has been rewarded by some of these websites, which have paid him sums of $100 to $20000. Advising caution to internet users, Sahu said, “There are websites which are highly vulnerable and can easily be hacked. I informed them about the loopholes in their security systems. After they verified my claims, they included me in the list.” […]