[ISN] Army Wants Computer That Defends Against Human-Exploit Attacks

http://slashdot.org/topic/datacenter/army-wants-computer-that-defends-against-human-exploit-attacks/ By Kevin Fogarty Slashdot October 9, 2013 The U.S. Army Research Laboratory has awarded as much as $48 million to researchers trying to build computer-security systems that can identify even the most subtle human-exploiting attacks and respond without human intervention. The project will focus on detecting specific opponents and types of attack online, measuring the risk of specific activities, and changing the security environment to block or minimize those threats with the least cost and trouble to the victim. The more difficult part of the research will be to develop models of human behavior that allow security systems decide, accurately and on their own, whether actions by humans are part of an attack (whether the humans involved realize it or not). The Army Research Lab (ARL) announced Oct. 8 a grant of $23.2 million to fund a five-year cooperative effort among a team of researchers at Penn State University, the University of California, Davis, Univ. California, Riverside and Indiana University. The five-year program comes with the option to extend it to 10 years with the addition of another $25 million in funding. The goal is to develop and evidence-based set of guidelines and analyses that would allow ARL security specialists to understand the security stance and vulnerability of Department of Defense computers, and build systems that would help mitigate them. […]