[ISN] Silk Road: suspicions grow that server was hacked ahead of arrests

http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2013/oct/08/silk-road-hack-suspicion-fbi-server By Charles Arthur theguardian.com 8 October 2013 There’s a new theory about how the FBI And CIA tracked down the physical location of the Silk Road servers, and it has nothing to do with the man accused of being the site’s operator, Ross Ulbricht, or queries he might have made on StackExchange. Instead, the rumour in hacker circles is that the CIA – with or without the help of the National Security Agency – accessed the server via Tor, and somehow ran an exploit on it which meant that they could locate it over the “normal” internet. Having done that, they then got in touch with the company hosting the server itself (which may be in Iceland, as we’ll explain) and then managed to take an image of the server. They may also have planted tracking systems on the server which allowed them to trace those who logged in to Silk Road – which would certainly help to explain how the British police last week arrested four men on suspicion of supplying controlled substances through Silk Road. […]