[ISN] Microsoft pays Australian hacker $100, 000 for finding security holes

http://www.smh.com.au/it-pro/security-it/microsoft-pays-australian-hacker-100000-for-finding-security-holes-20131009-hv1xt.html By Ben Grubb and Jim Finkle smh.com.au October 9, 2013 Microsoft is paying a well-known Australian hacking expert more than $100,000 for finding security holes in its software, one of the largest bounties awarded to date by a tech company. The company also released a much anticipated update to Internet Explorer, which it said fixes a bug that made users of the browser vulnerable to remote attack. James Forshaw, who heads vulnerability research at Melbourne-based consulting firm Context Information Security, won Microsoft’s first $US100,000 ($106,000) bounty for identifying a new “exploitation technique” in Windows, which will allow it to develop defences against an entire class of attacks, the company said. Forshaw is among the many “white hat” hackers who hack for good and get rewarded for their efforts. Companies such as Apple and Facebook have hall of fame pages on their websites to recognise hackers, and some companies even pay them. […]