[ISN] Hollywood: How do we secure high-def 4K content? Easy. Just BRAND the pirates

http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/10/07/security_for_4k_to_be_toughest_hurdle_to_climb_in_digital_video/ By Faultline 7th October 2013 Movielabs, the R&D business for Hollywood studios, has just issued a new specification for securing 4K high-def streaming video content, and one of the things that it’s going to demand is forensic watermarking. This spec is being described as “recommendations”, but studios will need to adopt these overnight as the hard and fast rules if they want to gain security approval to distribute quality 4K video. A watermark has to be introduced in all 4K delivery, at the worst case at the server streaming the content (so that each stream is unique), or better still at the device. The latter will mean that the guilty party customer can be identified from the source of any copy found on the internet. How it works By now forensic watermarking is becoming tougher and tougher to break. In some systems, the watermarking process writes a unique device number into the content over a large number of frames in code, using key pixels, and in others it is only measurement against a pristine version of the file that reveals randomly placed pixels in a key coded sequence, which depict the device or stream identity. […]