[ISN] Silent Circle’s cyber security and privacy work around the world

http://www.cbronline.com/news/tech/software/malware/silent-circles-cyber-security-and-privacy-issues-around-the-world By Claire Vanner Computer Business Review 03 October 2013 Mike Janke, CEO of Silent Circle, talks about his work with the Tibetan government, law firms in Thailand and human rights groups in Sudan. As CEO of a global expert in encrypted communications, Mike Janke has his fair share of cyber security stories from around the world. The digital world opens up just as many problems as it does opportunities, and as a security provider, Silent Circle often finds itself caught in the middle. “It’s important to remove the political and emotional views to look at something and say, where is it going?” he says. “From a business perspective, we count 17 of the Fortune 50 as customers and only 35% of our customer base is in North America, so we have to push and fight back against these types of things. Whether it is a business being hacked, Chinese businesses being hacked by American government, in our view it’s all wrong. “It’s no big secret that the Tibetan Government uses our product to protect itself from China. They chose to put out a press release that they use Silent Circle and we had a 320% attack increase on our network. That in itself encapsulates the wackiness,” he says. […]