[ISN] Defcon Survey: Hackers want more crypto, less NSA

http://www.batemanbanter.com/2013/10/defcon-survey-hackers-want-more-crypto-less-nsa/ By Elinor Mills Bateman Banter October 1, 2013 Hackers are an interesting bunch and somewhat predictable, if I may be so bold as to generalize. Before Defcon this summer, I asked all the hackers I know to participate in a survey about their opinions on a variety of security industry-related topics, and I asked them to spread the word through social channels. It’s taken me a month, but I’ve finally tabulated the results. Many of the findings aren’t shocking, but the passion the respondents have for their work is, frankly, inspiring. The first thing I learned is that hackers don’t like long surveys. Actually, few people do. Maybe I needed to offer a reward for completing it. Granted, the survey had 34 questions, most multiple choice with a number of them soliciting essay answers. A whopping 96% of the respondents who started the online survey finished it. So, I’d like to say a heartfelt “Thank You!” to those 53 people who took the time to answer all the questions. And before I dive into the results, I should probably get the demographic data out of the way first because I’d probably be seeing somewhat different responses from younger or less experienced hackers. The respondents’ ages ranged from a low of 27 years to a high of 68, with most in the 25-35 range and a median of 39. The average number of years of experience was 13.5, nearly evenly divided between researcher, IT professional, engineer/programmer and VP-level executive, and more than one-third work at a security provider. So this is a very savvy crowd. Now for the results… […]