[ISN] My brother, my hero

http://publicaddress.net/8822 by Amberleigh Jack Speaker – Public Address September 30, 2013 “So tell me, someone that’s known him your whole life, who was Barnaby Jack?” It’s a question I’ve been asked countless times by countless reporters over the past few months. It should be the easiest of all questions I’ve been asked about my brother, but it’s the one I find the toughest to answer. Every time, though, that someone’s asked it, I find myself thinking of a chat we had about a year ago about work, relationships and life in general. “Honestly, I’m okay at stuff,” he wrote about his job. “I just picked a field and got in early.” That’s who my brother was. He was one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. A genius. He was a pioneer in the computer security field. He was a rock star with “fans” in every corner of the world. He spent his days saving potential lives. But none of that ever changed him. He was successful while remaining as humble as they came. He’d be stoked to see how much his work meant to so many people. But he’d also be embarrassed by the media frenzy that hit when he passed away. He was, “okay at stuff”. […]