[ISN] Another New iPhone Security Flaw Offers A Reminder: Turn Off Siri On Your Lockscreen

http://www.forbes.com/sites/andygreenberg/2013/09/30/another-new-iphone-security-flaw-offers-a-reminder-turn-off-siri-on-your-lockscreen/ By Andy Greenberg Forbes Staff Security 9/30/2013 Apple watchers have been warning for years that Siri’s loose lips can leak secrets from a locked iPhone. Now a new security bug offers a more pressing reason than ever to turn her off on the phone’s lockscreen. Late last week Israeli security researcher Dany Lisiansky spotted another in a growing series of bugs in iOS 7’s lockscreen on the iPhone that allows anyone to bypass the security code or fingerprint reader to access the phone’s calling application, contacts, and voicemail. This trick works by using Siri to make a phone call and then triggering a glitch in the phone’s Facetime function. Lisiansky explains in his step-by-step instructions accompanying the video: […]