[ISN] New Mobile Survey Reveals 41% of Employees Are Deliberately Leaking Confidential Data

http://www.forbes.com/sites/markfidelman/2013/09/12/new-mobile-survey-reveals-41-of-employees-are-deliberately-leaking-confidential-data/ By Mark Fidelman Forbes.com 9/12/2013 My congratulations and condolences to the nation’s CIOs for being responsible for data security. There’s now more job security but now there’s less information security too. Because, according to a new survey from uSamp , 41% of workers used an unsanctioned cloud service for document storage in the last 6 months, despite the fact that 87% of these workers knew their company had policies forbidding such practices. Welcome to the mobile workplace. It’s less secure and loaded with risk. And, according to the research, the estimated annual cost to remedy the data loss is about $1.8 billion. So what’s a CIO to do? On the one hand, it’s her job to help employees remain productive, but it’s also her job to secure the company’s confidential information. […]