[ISN] Argentinian teenager arrested over ‘$600, 000year’ super-hacking network

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/argentinian-teenager-arrested-over-600000ayear-superhacking-network-8817759.html By Adam Withnall The Independent 15 September 2013 Police in Argentina have arrested the 19-year-old son of an IT engineer on suspicion of running an elaborate cyber-fraud network stealing $600,000 (£380,000) a year. Experts say the teenager may have set up a “technological cave” in his home, from which police have seized a host of sophisticated computing and IT equipment. The so-called “super-hacker” is alleged to have diverted around $50,000 (£31,600) a month from online money transfer and gaming websites into his own bank account. The arrest of the 19-year-old comes as part of Operation Zombie, an extensive police manhunt which began in 2012 when a businessman providing website hosting services said he had discovered a hacker was remotely accessing his servers to intercept money transfers. […]