[ISN] Dopey Prime Minister David Cameron leaves official red box behind on train – to nip to buffet car

http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/dopey-prime-minister-david-cameron-2261059 By Tom McTague Daily Mirror 8 Sep 2013 It seems dopey Prime Minister David Cameron The blundering PM strolled off from his table, leaving the red box behind with the key still in it and no security within touching distance. The words “Prime Minister” were clear for all to see. Luckily for Mr Cameron, those on the train from London to Edinburgh were an honest bunch and snubbed the opportunity to rifle through his secret papers, which critics fear could have contained details on plans for military strikes on Syria. One astonished passenger told how he stopped to take a picture of the red case and said nobody intervened. Downing Street insisted the box was being watched at all times, but our source said he could easily have snatched it. The passenger, from Essex, told how he got on the 7.44am train late at King’s Cross on Saturday and was looking for a seat when he spotted Mr Cameron, who was going to a wedding near York, in the buffet car. It was closed at the time. He recognised the Tory leader and said the PM gave him a smile. Our man added: “I carried on walking through the train and two carriages on I saw the PM’s red briefcase on a table all alone. First of all I couldn’t believe that Cameron was on the train unprotected, I just walked past him. “I could freely bump into this guy and there was no security or anyone around him. And secondly it was incredible that his briefcase was lying there just like that. “I could have quite easily have damaged it or scratched it or run off with it. And above all I couldn’t believe the key was in the lock. […]