[ISN] N.Korea’s Vast Cyber Warfare Army

http://english.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2013/08/13/2013081300891.html Chosun.com August 14, 2013 North Korea has about 200 agents who spend their time posting comments online to undermine South Korean morale, while the whole contingent of 3,000 cyber warfare experts under the Reconnaissance General Bureau wage cyber terrorism against the South, a private South Korean think tank claims. The think tank, which studies strategies against North Korea, made the claim in a seminar at the Seoul Press Center on Monday afternoon. It said the North’s cyber warfare troops develop and distribute apps to subvert South Korean efforts to block pro-North Korean websites and conduct guerrilla-style hacking attacks by constantly changing IP addresses and connecting other sites with pro-North Korean sites. Ryu Dong-ryul of the Police Policy Institute said, “The North has established a team of online trolls at the United Front Department and the Reconnaissance General Bureau.” About 200 agents post comments on major South Korean portals and disguise their identity using personal information stolen from South Koreans, he added. […]