[ISN] Five healthcare security training expert tips

http://healthitsecurity.com/2013/08/14/five-healthcare-security-training-expert-tips/ By Patrick Ouellette Health IT Security August 14, 2013 The need for wholesale data security training changes in healthcare evident, irrespective of whether it’s educating non-IT clinical staff members on HIPAA basics or further education for IT professionals. Most healthcare pros will agree that the usual methods, such as annual training classes, aren’t well-suited for current technologies and compliance requirements. There isn’t a proverbial silver bullet to fix the security gaps within healthcare organizations, but there some success stories that experts have shared with HealthITSecurity.com over the past few months. These five lessons learned can be helpful for those looking to just tweak or even revamp their security training procedures. 1. Top-down approach improves user awareness To ensure that her staff abides by required protocols and procedures, Lynda Martel, Executive Director of Government and Enterprise Business Relations at DriveSavers Data Recovery, recommends regularly educating and updating staff members on the importance of appropriate BYOD practices. And the seriousness of safeguarding sensitive data needs to be conveyed from the top down: […]

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