[ISN] Nato urges military to recruit white hat hacker army to boost defences

http://www.v3.co.uk/v3-uk/news/2285459/nato-urges-military-to-recruit-white-hat-hacker-army-to-boost-defences By Alastair Stevenson V3.co.uk 29 Jul 2013 Nato has called for military and private industry to recruit more ethical hackers, listing their skills as an essential weapon in its ongoing anti-black hat war. Nato deputy assistant secretary general Jamie Shea issued the statement in video review exploring the ethical hacking community. He said: “In order to have a defence you need to have a much wider group of people with a much broader set of skills working for you than as in the old days when we were talking about the man from the ministry with a set identity. That’s not the case anymore.” A Nato spokesman added in the video that the community is currently an under-tapped source that could help temporarily plug the global cyber skills gap. “Traditionally, ethical hackers, known as white hats, have disclosed security bugs for free and many continue to do so just for the prestige. But with industry and governments around the world looking to beef up their cyber defences, ethical hackers can now have the pick of jobs in a booming industry.” […]