[ISN] New Databank Will Help Address Cyber Skills Needs

http://www.nextgov.com/cio-briefing/wired-workplace/2013/07/opm-creating-new-databank-cyber-skills/66332/ By Brittany Ballenstedt NextGov.com July 10, 2013 The Office of Personnel Management is calling on federal agencies to submit data on their cybersecurity workforce to help build a new databank for agencies in addressing current and future cyber skills needs. In a memorandum issued Monday, OPM acting Director Elaine Kaplan pointed to a new special project that involves building a statistical data set of existing and future cybersecurity positions in the OPM Enterprise Human Resources Integration data warehouse by the end of fiscal 2014. The data project will require agencies to update their cybersecurity positions with codes that review the definitions of and taxonomy used for cybersecurity work. “This particular work function has extensively changed over the last decade, and these revisions provide consistency and a common language in describing the skill sets needed to perform the work successfully,” Kaplan wrote. […]