[ISN] Olympic organisers feared opening ceremony hack attack

http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/security/382909/olympic-organisers-feared-opening-ceremony-hack-attack By Shona Ghosh PCPro.co.uk 8 Jul 2013 The organisers of the London Olympics feared hackers would target the opening ceremony and knock out the lights. Olympics security chief Oliver Hoare told the BBC he had been warned hackers might try and attack the electricity infrastructure underpinning the games, potentially blacking out the ceremony. “There was a suggestion that there was a credible attack on the electricity infrastructure supporting the Games,” he told the BBC. “And the first reaction to that is, ‘Goodness, you know, let’s make a strong cup of coffee’.” Hoare said he received a call from GCHQ suggesting hackers would attempt an attack on the electricity. The threat failed to materialise, but Hoare detailed some of the measures put in place, including the ability to “switch to manual” if anything took place. […]