[ISN] Frank Munger: Y-12 security failures overshadow improvements

http://www.knoxnews.com/news/2013/jun/26/frank-munger-y-12-security-failures-overshadow/ By Frank Munger Knoxville News Sentinel June 26, 2013 It’s kind of hard to figure out the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant’s approach to physical security these days, and part of that is by design. The folks at the National Nuclear Security Administration and its contractors don’t really want potential adversaries to know strengths and weaknesses, etc., except occasionally to advertise the plant’s capabilities as a potential deterrent to those who would intrude and do damage. The NNSA has sent mixed messages about perimeter intrusions. Obviously, Y-12 was greatly embarrassed by the July 28, 2012, break-in by three Plowshares protesters (average age 67), and since then there have been others who have — to a lesser extent — made a mockery of the plant’s borders, including a bike rider who crossed most of the plant site (using a security patrol road for part of his trek) and a lost driver who recently showed up at the entrance and got waved in. NNSA spokesman Steven Wyatt has repeatedly issued statements that suggested Y-12 wasn’t particularly concerned about the plant’s outer fences, emphasizing those are boundary markers, with warning signs, and were not constructed in order to absolutely prevent folks from crossing. […]